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Beyond the Dollar showcases undervalued opportunities outside
the dollar that will alter the way you live and invest.

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Beyond the Dollar’s mission is to help subscribers make the most of the strong dollar and expose them to the benefits of making their lives more international – whether that means spending more time abroad or globalizing their investment portfolios.

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Great news is coming out of Europe, and Karim has found a way to leverage this turmoil to find value outside the dollar.

Meet the Experts

Karim Rahemtulla, Editor, Beyond the Dollar

Karim Rahemtulla Editor, Beyond the Dollar

Karim Rahemtulla has covered international markets and the global movements of money for over 20 years. With an expertise in emerging markets, options trading and energy, he’s regarded as one of the country’s foremost resource and developing world analysts. His focus is on finding opportunities "beyond the dollar" for investors looking to diversify their assets and lifestyle to include borderless investing.

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Eric Fry, Editor, The Non-Dollar Report

Eric Fry Editor, The Non-Dollar Report

Throughout the 1990s, Eric Fry was a professional hedge fund manager, specializing in long/short equity strategies. Following his success in professional money management, Eric joined the Wall Street-based publishing operations of James Grant, editor of the prestigious Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. While at Grant’s, Eric directed the team of investment analysts that produced Grant’s International and Apogee Research – institutional research products dedicated to international investment opportunities and short selling.

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